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Crypton Home Collection is your performance fabric resource.

We create gorgeous, livable fabrics for the rooms where memories are made.

Our smart, environmentally responsible fabrics are easy to find at Egg & Dart Textiles.

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Crypton guarantees beautiful, easy-to-clean, odor-free fabric for the way we live, work, heal and play. More than performance. Fabric intelligence. Stain resistant. Odor resistant. Moisture resistant. Earth-friendly. Choice abundant. Helping people live life boldly. And beautifully. Without fear.


We create the home, made for life. We create the restaurant, ready for celebration. We create the waiting room, ready for abuse. We create the hotel room, ready for anything. Crafted in North Carolina. Ready for the world. The real world. Part fabric. Part magic. And 100% smart. Welcome to Crypton.

Resists Moisture, Stains & Odors

Introducing the smartest fabric you’ll ever meet. It resist stains. It beads liquids. It rejects odors and bacteria. It will stand the test of time. It gives you freedom to live without compromise.


Safeguarding against the elements of life cannot come at the expense of our planet. That’s why at Crypton, we believe sustainable solutions are our responsibility. We’ll protect your things. We’ll protect the planet.

Choice Abundant

Crypton gives you the freedom to design your world in a more intelligent way, no matter the application. No matter the challenge. Whether it’s texture, colors, patterns, or technology—Crypton gives you the power of choice.

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